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PostSubject: Forum *RULES*   Forum *RULES* I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 2:27 am


Warnable/bannable offenses:
1. No spamming.
This means do not post replies that have nothing to do with the topic, or 1 or 2 word posts. This includes things like "Nice trainer!", "You Rock!", and "Thanks!" just to increase your post count. If you want to thank someone, +rep or PM them. Also, please do not create useless topics. This includes making topics with first posts such as "Like the topic says," "Title," or "Woot!". Saying that the thread is spam in any way or saying "let it die" or such is also considered spam, unless accompanied with something on topic. Please do not quote posts without responding.
The best way to get rid of spam threads it to report it and not post at all.

2. No posting infected or malicious files.
This means trainers or any files that have a trojan, spyware, highjacker, etc. If it was accidental, delete the infected file and fix the problem before reposting.

3. No double posting/multiple threads/existing threads on same topic.
An example of this was a person named "Johnny Phoenix" who attempted to get 100 posts in one day by spamming the forum which resulted him in him receiving a PERMANENT BAN from the forum. So please think before posting.

4. No reviving old topics.
Please do not revive very old topics, referred to as bumping. In many cases even a week is old, and a month is very old. This especially applies to old, out of date information, outdated/patched trainers, and the like.

5. No flaming new or existing members.
Do not flame new members for asking simple questions; they don't know anything, so help them out. If they seem sincere and just ignorant, help save them from their ignorance. If they seem to be purposefully spamming and obnoxious, simply click on that little "!" at the top right of their post to inform a mod, and post that the informing has been done. Do not litter the forum with your self-righteous profanities. Do not publicly flame people just because they insulted you, even if you feel you didn't deserve it; if you have a problem simply inform a mod, or PM the individual. DO NOT start a flame war. Never ever take anything personal; if someone insults you, de-reps you for something retarded, insults your beliefs, threatens to kill off your family, or anything like that. IGNORE IT!

6. No Scamming.
Please do not attempt to scam people with things like "trading accounts" or offering services like "I will train your account." Don't even make posts like this. Even if you aren't intending it as a scam, we have no way of knowing this.

The breaking of any of these rules can result in receiving warnings or bans from the forum moderators depending on the severity of your rule-breaking. Other members will also have a greater tendency to negative rep you for not adhering to the rules.

Conduct Guidelines:

8. No begging.
Please do not beg or create new posts/threads to ask for passwords or rep. You are more likely to get de-repped for such activity. If there are requirements, please be sure you meet them before you make personal requests.

9. Respect other members.
To begin with, it is recommended to respect a fair amount of the forum members that seem to be generally respected by other forum members; doing so often greatly increases your chances of getting their passwords, trainers, links, trust, etc. at some point. This does not mean all high-level posters are infallible and deserving of respect, because frankly some are not, post count means nothing more than that they've posted that many times. As a general rule of thumb please attempt to be respectful to your fellow forumites. Disrespecting on a major scale can also result in a warning or ban.

10. Grammar.
When you're posting a message make your best effort to use proper English or the members won't understand you. Make sure your message is conveyed clearly.

11. Search for the information you want before you post.
Don't make useless topics or posts when the information you're looking for likely already exists; try to use the search button to look for the topic you want. If the search button is down then manually look for the topic by browsing the forum.

12. No Stealing/Leeching ideas.
Please do not attempt to steal anyone's hard work for your own credit or copy someone else's work from another forum without their permission. It may be okay to use somebody's ideas if you have very good improvements, however, at least ask the original authors/creators before you steal their ideas. If you do ask, then they can tell you whether or not they want it used in your trainers. If they say no, then don't do it. Making private hacks public is sometimes acceptable and appreciated, but it may be offensive to the original author. If the trainer is stolen, then that will probably result in a ban.

13. Common Sense.
Please use common sense when posting. If you're going to have a thousand smiley's in your post, then what do you thinks going to happen? Don't be a smart ass and say it wasn't in the rules.

Numbers 8-14 are more so guidelines for how to post effectively and acceptably within this forum community. While you usually won't get warned or banned for these offenses, your behavior will not be appreciated and your thread may get locked or your post deleted if it is offending enough. It is advised to follow these guidelines to earn respect in the forum community and to avoid contention.

General OYEA Clan Forum Rules
1. Warnings
2. Reporting
3. Post Count
4. Reputation
5. Private Messages (PM's)
6. Leeching, stealing.

General OYEA Clan Forum
1. Warnings
    Why did I get warned? How do I know what post I was warned for? When will my warn expire?
    When you get warned, a yellow flag will appear underneath your avatar. (Keep in mind some people, like myself, have fake warns/bans underneath their avatar for fun.) Clicking on this yellow rectangle will link you to a page that lists any and all warnings you have. Underneath "Review" it will show which moderator warned you. To see what post you were warned for, click the white rectangle next to the arrow to the right of "Post Reference." In some cases, the post will have been deleted, in which case, there will be no link. Below the "Post Reference" you will see when your warning will expire. The moderator chooses the expiration date depending on the severity of the rule breaking. The maximum days a moderator can warn (without a special extension request to Dark Byte) is 7, 14, 21, and 28 days for the first through fourth posts, respectively. You can also see the date you were warned as well as the moderator's explanation for why you were warned. There is no excuse for being unfamiliar with THE RULES. After four warns, your next one will be a ban (a red flag). You may be banned with less or no warnings depending on the severity of your rule breaking. Banning generally lasts between 1-16 days. If you are banned and make a new account, your IP is tracked and your posts on your new account will be invisible to everyone except the moderators.

2. Reporting
    How do I report? When should I report? Why should I report?
    You can report someone by clicking on the "!" box at the right top corner of their post. Report someone when they are breaking the rules. You can also report your own thread if you want it to be locked or deleted. Reporting helps alert the moderators quickly of the issue at hand, and we are provided with a list of all the reports for our section. We see who made the post, who reported it, how many people reported it, and why they reported. Be sure to include the reason for reporting, even if it is simply saying, "Spam." A moderator will take care of the report when they are online. Please do not warn for a post that is more than a week old. Because the maximum warn time for a first warn is 7 days, it may have already had a warn that expired. Plus, moderators are asked not to warn anything more than seven days old anyways, so your report will simply be deleted. Please do not abuse the report function or you may be warned for abusing it.

3. Post Count
    Why did my post count go down?
    Your post count will go down when threads in which you posted get deleted, or when your individual posts get deleted. If the thread in which you posted gets deleted, your post count goes down one for every post you had in that thread. If a moderator chooses to delete your individual post, your post count goes down by three. Moderators cannot edit your post count value.

4. Reputation
    What is rep? How do I rep? Why can't I rep? When do I rep? Can I ask for rep? Where did my rep go?
    Rep, or reputation, are points given from one forum member to another for varying reasons. A forum member with a high rep count generally implies that the individual is well-respected and trusted by other forum members. Below a persons name and avatar, you can see their reputation. Beside their rep count, you can see a "thumbs up" and a "thumbs down" icon. These will appear two weeks after your join date. You cannot rep until you have been a forum member two weeks and have a post count of 15. The way to rep someone is simply by clicking on the icon for either a +rep or a -rep. After that you put in whatever you want to say for why you're changing their rep, then once you hit submit, that rep is there for good. You can later edit the text, but can't delete the rep. Explanation with pictures.

    You can give rep for varying reasons. It can be if someone is nice to you, if you like their trainer, or even if you just feel like it. There's no rules about who you can or can't rep whenever you want. Once you +rep someone you have to wait 12 hours before you can rep again. When you -rep somebody, you have to wait 15 hours before you can +rep or 24 hours before you can -rep again. It is against the rules to ask for rep in a post. See Rule #8. Technically you can have in your signature something like "+rep appreciated," but asking for rep in any way is unlikely to get you any. If you feel you've been de-repped unfairly, do not whine or complain. There are no rules against PM-ing a buddy to ask them to reset your rep, just don't advertise trading rep. If you're wondering why your rep disappeared, +rep expires after 4 months, and -rep expires after 3 months. This is gone forever.

    Do not report anything about reputation unless there is a page-crashing picture or something obscene or illegal. Moderators can only edit the content of a reputation post, they cannot delete it or change whether it is + or -. Only Dark Byte can alter rep in such a way. No moderator can change your rep count any differently than a regular forum member can.

5. Private Messages (PM's)
    How do I PM someone?
    To PM someone, you need to have at least 15 posts. If you try to PM before that you'll get an information box that says, "Sorry, but you need a lot more posts than that before you can PM other people (And if you spam you'll never be able to pm again)." There is a button at the bottom of a person's post that says PM. You can also go to the person's profile where you can find the PM button. The rules are more slacked in PM's, but please do not beg with someone to share passwords/links/private trainers/etc. If they complain that you are pestering them you can get still warned by moderator. DO NOT spam someone's inbox. Also use PM's if you have a problem with someone. Settle it via PM rather than in posts, to avoid getting warned for spam or flaming.

6. Leeching, stealing.
    What is leeching? What can be done about it?
    Leeching is stealing someone else's work and taking credit for it, or taking it without their permission. It is highly frowned upon. As moderators, we are not permitted to delete trainers/hacks, leeched/leaked or not, even if it's known to everyone that it is "private." Doing so can mean an instant removal of mod status combined with a possible ban. The exception is if it is something completely useless, such as an account stealer, pin-crack, server crasher, or containing malicious files. We can, however, lock any such topics and issue warnings or bans at our discretion, even if we aren't allowed to delete something.
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