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Tricks Element

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 Tricks Element - Hello Guys

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PostSubject: Tricks Element - Hello Guys   Tricks Element - Hello Guys I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 12:24 am

Well, I'm Tricks.
That is truly my nickname, has been since i was 9.
My real name is Kurtis.
I've been from everything from living on the streets for 3 months and hustling for what i could get to living in basement. Right now i still do what i can to make money on these streets but i try to keep out of my crews issues. I'm outta that shit for good.
I am normally with my girl, we tight as fuck, i'll put a pic when i get a chance.
I have always been a hacker, i always sat around on the computer high as fuck figuring out a shitload of things.
I am normally playing COD MW2. Waiting for #3 Cuzo!
That shit will be bomb.
Well hit me up on Xbox live nig.

GT: (Read Image)
Tricks Element - Hello Guys TricksElement
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Tricks Element - Hello Guys
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